Sunday, December 10, 2017

Graphics To Love

In case one wonders what these 'Graphics To Love' are all about!
Each month I post about five Graphics which I come across while randomly surfing the web. Beautiful, hilarious, and relatable things show up in my social media feeds every day. Often, a lot of these graphics spark thoughts in my head which I want to blog about. So I put some of the best ones together in one blog post and chit chat away! None of the graphics are mine and most of them are being shared without credit so they can't even be traced! I just like to spend a few minutes speaking my mind. So here they are ...
This one popped up in my Facebook feed and cracked me up. It's so cool how you're able to turn your detective mode on when something is up with your best friend. It's the same with Abbie and I. We know instantly when the other has something on their mind. For those who don't understand the language, it's a Bollywood song which basically says whether you say it or not I can hear you.

I have no idea why Leonardo is on this graphic. Then again, I haven't seen too many of his movies so maybe it does make sense? I love what it says though. Lately, when people ask me how I am that's what I do. I just smile and say I'm fine. Let's face it ... they don't care. They don't care about what I'll say. They don't care if I say, "I'm not fine." They won't care if I say "I'm dying!" For all I know they probably WANT me to say that I'm fine so they can be done with it and move on with their lives. So why waste my precious energy in saying anything at all?

THIS! I never thought of marriages in this sense! You actually move to this person's house and use HIS toilet. EEW! Just eew! *laughs*

Story of my life.
That's really all I have to say!

This is my favorite - my absolute favorite! I think this will work for every kind of craft project! Who comes up with such stuff? Whoever came up with this was a genius! This is brilliant thinking! Absolutely brilliant. Imagine when I'm baking cakes and decorating them. Fondant dries up and develops the elephant skin and I bring Gubby's toy dinosaurs from her toy room and voila ... problem solved! *laughs*

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spending Saturday Unplugged & December 2017's Holiday Collage

I rarely get peaceful weekends anymore. There's always something or the other going on. I am not kidding when I say they could play 'Cinderelly Cinderelly' as my life's background music. "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it's Cinderelly. Make the fire! Fix the breakfast! Wash the dishes! Do the mopping! And the sweeping and the dusting! They always keep her hopping!" *sighs* This past Saturday however, a miracle happened, the planets and the stars aligned, and the heavens presented to me a free Saturday! Tadaaaaa! I took full advantage of it and once I'd completed whatever chores I had to do I retired to my peaceful place - my bedroom - and spent an afternoon unplugged and all by myself! It was a productive afternoon with lots of creativity and relaxation. I ended up cleaning all the unsorted mess in my room which had resulted from my terribly busy schedule lately. I even got a chance of getting back to my planner in which I created a beautiful holiday themed collage and got around to doing some brainstorming for my blog too!

My planner's holiday themed December collage looks so festive, cozy, and beautiful. It's giving me all those December holiday-ish vibes whenever I look at it. It's sort of almost the kind of feeling you get when hot cocoa pours down your throat on an intensely cold afternoon. Well, almost! The one-in-a-million, oh-my-how-is-this-possible, I-cannot-believe-it kind of Saturday also gave me lots of time to flip through a couple of magazines which had been piling up beside my desk. So I ended up cutting off some cool stuff to put together this festive collage. The red and green rectangles were flip covers of some kind of advent calendar about some sale. I loved the snowflakes on them so I peeled off each one of them. I found the pretty 'Get the Party Started!' cutting with ornaments, pine cones, and ribbons. Some Winter themed cookies, a super fancy gingerbread house, and a pretty little gift box also made it into my pretty December collage to set the mood for the end of the year!

Until a little while ago, I used to brainstorm blogging stuff on a Google Doc. Lately, with all the mad rush I've been stuck in, I've had a severe writer's block which refused to leave me alone. That's when I decided I should brainstorm on paper by actually writing instead of typing. All the erasing, scratching, planning, and handwriting of my ideas really gets my brains working. I miss the school days when I used to have a 'rough book' in which I'd brainstorm the world, jot down random stuff, and even doodle. It used to be so relaxing! So I'm back to that now; my planner will also function as a rough book of sorts. With every monthly collage page in my planner, I've decided I will now also have a page dedicated entirely to brainstorming and planning for my blog. So with that decision, my unplugged Saturday afternoon also ended up in a major brainstorming session during which I wrote down random ideas that came to my mind before they could leave me.

I think I can safely say that I achieved super duper peace this past Saturday. Ssssshhhh ... don't be so loud, life might hear you and bring it on against you as a challenge! I've found unplugging to be quite helpful. See, I achieved so much! I got some creative stuff going again, did lots of planning and organizing, and even cleared up my beautiful bedroom. All in just one afternoon! In fact I think I've been more productive and active ever since Saturday's little rest too. I guess everybody should unplug once in a while, step back and away from all the social media (don't get me wrong, I love my social media!), and just take some time out for themselves. I've always been all for some alone time spent with one's own self and this past Saturday was just perfectly done! I hope I get some more relaxing weekend afternoons again soon!

Monday, December 4, 2017

DIY Magical Harry Potter Greeting Card

It was Abbie's birthday and I had planned a magical Harry Potter themed birthday for her this year. There was a magnificent Harry Potter themed birthday decor, my absolutely stunning Harry Potter cake, and Potter merchandise for her birthday presents. Everything was magical and Potter themed so why should her birthday card have been any different! Just like last year I decided to make her a birthday card myself. There is a special kind of fun and awesomeness in a handmade card which a store bought can not compare to. It's so personal and so straight from the heart, you just can't beat it! I looked all over Pinterest for inspiration and then decided on a design I loved. An adorable graphic version of Harry with his Gryffindor scarf, iconic round glasses, and the famous lightning shaped scar was just the perfect greeting card to go with this year's theme.

I took step by step pictures while making this adorable version of Harry. It's simpler than it looks and a super awesome craft project. It was so much fun making this card I could actually make more any day! *laughs* Let me take you through each step in creating the magic! (BONUS: I made a making video too! Woohoo!)

First I took a letter sized regular printer paper and folded it in half so it would turn into a portrait fold greeting card. I wanted a portrait card because the height was what I needed to make sure I had a Harry Potter face looking back at me.

Next I drew my Gryffindor scarf. To do that I first drew a line to create a small rectangle on the lower edge of the card. Then, I drew measured vertical lines to create smaller vertical rectangles. You'd want to make sure the width of the rectangles is equal so you get a neat scarf like look when you're done.

When the scarf was done I also drew out a little rough outline of Harry's hair. Even though you end up covering this up it is good to have a rough sketch to make sure everything turns out exactly like you want it to.

Next I started sketching out the glasses. You'll need two circles to sketch out the glasses with one slightly smaller than the other. I used the cap of my push pin bottle. Round shapes of any kind work so get creative and work with what you have!

Using the cap of the push pins' bottle I drew out two circles. I actually used a ruler to guide me and make sure both circles were at the same height.

For the smaller inner circle I used the cork cap/stopper of my other push pins' bottle. Again, anything works so get creative!

Using the cork cap I drew smaller circles inside the bigger circles.

To complete Harry's glasses I drew connecting lines of equal widths on the sides and in the middle of the circles to finish the rims. It looked perfect!

Next I got out yellow and red Sharpies and drew guiding lines first on each rectangle. Then I filled them in with corresponding colors. The guiding lines made sure the scarf was even and neat on the top.

This is what I was looking at after I'd shaded in the scarf. It had already started looking perfect!

Little Harry came to give me a thumbs up of approval here too! *laughs*

When the scarf was done I took a black Sharpie and filled in my sketch for the glasses.

Now let me tell you a little secret here. Before making this card I'd first thought I would color in the hair line as well as the scarf. However, while working on it I decided a separate black cut out hair line would look even better. So I'd already outlined Harry's hair with a black Sharpie before the idea hit me. Later you'll see I had to cover up the outline a little bit to hide my initial plan but it all worked out in the end and looked beautiful! So I drew out an outline of Harry's hair on a piece of black construction paper and cut it out.

For Harry's scar I used a glittery gold scrapbook paper. I had small scraps left from a previous craft project which were perfect for the size of his scar. Before I cut the scar out I aligned the hair and the gold piece of paper on the card to make sure everything fit perfectly.

When sticking the hair I had to cover up the hair outline I'd previously drawn out before I had a change of plans. In doing so a bit of the construction paper hair overlapped the glasses. I loved how it looked with the little overlap. It really looked like Harry's messy hair which kept falling in his eyes. Win win! Sometimes errors can be so good for you! I used a glue gun to stick the hair in place before I started working on his scar.

For the scar I simply cut out a lightning bolt shape out of the gold paper and once I'd made sure it was the perfect size for my hair cutout I used a glue gun to glue it in place. It looked so awesome!

Once everything was secure in its place I cut off the excess bits off of my card. The little extra white area on top of the hair and the extra width of the hair got cut off. I cut the top at a slight angle to give more character to my Harry. It looked like a nice stylish hair style! *laughs*

And tadaaaaaa! The most adorable Harry Potter greeting card was looking back at me!

Done done done done done!

On the inside of this card I added a beautiful collage of our memories from The Wizarding World Orlando and a birthday message for my bestie Abbie. She LOVED it! Abbie has displayed my little Harry in her Potter shelf with all the rest of her Harry Potter merchandise! Love it!

Here's a bonus making video as promised! You can see how much fun I had while making this adorable greeting card version of our favorite Harry!
Potterheads forever and ever!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Saraallie's Tweet Logs ~ November 2017

The time has arrived again! Another month comes to an end which calls for posting my Tweet Logs! Ahem ahem: "The Tweet Logs are a concept I have totally cheated (I mean, it is supposed to be inspiration!) from Abbie's blog; perks of being a sister! My Tweet Logs will contain all my Twitter updates for each month. The updates will include tweets by me and those by Abbie which had me tagged or were related to me in some way. Why you ask? Well, my tweets are too awesome to go waste in cyber space thus they shall be recorded on my fabulous blog!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Abbie & Gubby Darling!

What you're looking at are cakes! Cakes made with extreme loads of love in the past week. Cakes made by the awesome shawsome me! Cakes by Sara's Baked Creations!

Octo-November is the birthday season of my family, as I've been harping on since quite some time now! Except for my brother and my dad we all have birthdays in the Fall season and it is awesome because it feels like a big grand celebration which lasts for days. The grand finale is my baby niece Gubby's birthday on the twentieth of November. In the past I posted about the Dainty Little Birthday Party we arranged for mama's birthday. This past week I went all out to arrange a celebration for Abbie (19th November) and Gubby (20th, immediately next day!) and it was a success! My themes were Harry Potter and Paw Patrol and ooooooh dear what beautiful birthdays I arranged!

'Yer a Wizard, Harry!' ~ The Harry Potter Birthday Celebration
For Abbie's birthday I arranged a magical Harry Potter celebration! I brought out some of our collectible props as part of the decor. Check out the adorable greeting card version of Harry on the right side of the display. That's a handmade greeting card from me! Finally check out that extremely beautiful Harry Potter cake! That was a show stopper! I'll be posting detailed pictures of EVERYTHING from this birthday celebration and a full step by step DIY tutorial of the Harry greeting card soon!

No Job Is Too Big, No Pup Is Too Small!
The Paw Patrol Birthday Celebration
My baby doll turned THREE years old this year and it called for a celebration of what a bundle of joy she is in our lives! Abbie and I did a fantabulous job arranging a Paw Patrol themed birthday party for our little buddy. We put together a sky themed backdrop because we were highlighting Skye from the cartoon. Abbie made adorable Paw Patrol cupcakes, Doggie Treats (cookies), and PupCorn. I completed the birthday party with an extremely cute two tier cake, which I believe has to be my cutest cake to date! Coming up shortly will be detailed pictures of the party and the cake! It was so awesome! Gubby loved it too much and seeing her face light up like that made our hearts happy! No party is too big, no auntie is too small!

Happy Birthday Abbie!
Happy Birthday Gubby!
You're the two loves of my life ... my favorites!

Find all my baking on my Facebook page and Instagram!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Graphics To Love

In case one wonders what these 'Graphics To Love' are all about!
Each month I post about five Graphics which I come across while randomly surfing the web. Beautiful, hilarious, and relatable things show up in my social media feeds every day. Often, a lot of these graphics spark thoughts in my head which I want to blog about. So I put some of the best ones together in one blog post and chit chat away! None of the graphics are mine and most of them are being shared without credit so they can't even be traced! I just like to spend a few minutes speaking my mind. So here they are ...

This is me! *laughs* This is just me! I've reached a level of self love equal to this statement. I laughed extra hard on the part 'everyone dies'! That's what's been happening lately ... haters just hate till a day comes when they just realize they can't destroy me! Laters, haters!

The question is, do you or do you not eat raw cookie dough? I actually don't! I love it in ice creams and stuff, true. However, when it comes to my own baking I have never licked or eaten raw dough.

SERIOUSLY HUNGRY PEOPLE. People who love food, like me! I love baking so much and lately, with so many birthdays in the family, I've gotten so many chances to bake. I'm on my way to greatness, baking one treat at a time!

I laughed harder than I should have! THIS IS HILARIOUS! You know sometimes these lame puns and jokes make me laugh harder than actual ones. I will never be able to read this baking instruction the same way again! *laughs*

I saved the best one for last! My friend sent this to me over Whatsapp and I spent the next few HOURS repeatedly bursting into fits of laughter. Let me clarify first, I am number one! Hahahaha! 2 is not for me because I'd never let my body touch the seat more than needed and to hold the feet up like that would give me a leg cramp! 3 doesn't make sense at all! Why would you sit like that? 4 would be too much of my back touching - eew! Oh and feet too. NO WAY. 5 would give me balancing issues if I ever even attempted it. Same with 6, I'd fall on my face. 7 is impossible! Isn't there always a wall behind? 8 is major balancing issues! 9 is insane and I am laughing like mad! Finally 0 is a Harry Potter reference, you're trying to get to the Ministry of Magic! Hahhahaha! THIS GRAPHIC IS THE BEST!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

How I Spent My 26th Birthday!

I celebrated my awesome self all through October, yes, but the nineteenth of the month was especially MY day! It was my birthday - The Day of Saraallie - The Saraallie Day of 2017! It was a pleasant day, a restful one for a change. I enjoyed myself! The highlights were my new Harry Potter shirt which I wore during the day and then the sweet Honeydukes themed birthday celebration Abbie arranged for me at night. Let me go into a flashback mode here and present my birthday's highlights in pictures ... so here's how I spent my special day!

I'd been enjoying the entire week as a celebration of my birthday before the 19th. I'm a simple person who finds excitement in the littlest of the things so a pizza for lunch that week and a movie afternoon with my Abbie had made me extremely happy and set the mood for the 19th. On the morning of my birthday I woke up super duper happy and feeling light as a feather. I'd spent last night receiving birthday hugs and wishes at midnight and when I woke up I got dressed in my birthday girl mode! I wore my new Harry Potter shirt which had the famous 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' quote written on it and spent early morning snapchatting and taking my annual birthday selfies! Then I chilled in Abbie's study with my morning chai where Gubby came to give me a kissy and a birthday hug before she left for her Nani's house. That baby doll is the love of my life!

Birthday mornings are always so much fun for bloggers. All the websites you've subscribed to, all your blogging buddies, all your social media accounts have a huge flow of birthday wishes. I know I know it's not a big deal right? But it is, especially when the blogosphere and the internet mean so much to you. I woke up to birthday wishes all over Twitter and Instagram. It was so cool! Next I installed our new printer which was actually fun because we've been printer-deprived for so long we were actually looking forward to it. For lunch I requested noodles! Quick, simple, easy, no fuss, and excessively delicious! I LOVE NOODLES! Abbie made some noodles and fried samosas and spring rolls and paapars along with them. Lunch was a simple affair but not even the greatest dishes of the world could have made me more happier than day! After lunch I had a relaxing rest of the day and got some very much needed me time too. Then I got dressed up and ready for the sweet little celebration and my cake! Check out my Harry Potter outfit!

A post shared by Saraallie (@saraallie) on

Isn't that super duper pretty? Yep, that's right. That is my birthday decor and birthday cake - Honeydukes themed - by the one and only Abbie. Every year Abbie makes a cake for me (she doesn't do cakes year round so this is a special special time!) and every single year she surpasses all possible expectations and makes something extremely beautiful. This year she decided to throw me a Honeydukes themed party and the cake was beautiful! The decor included lots of candy props (and candy too) from the sweets' shop, a cauldron cake, my birthday cards, some fancy lights, and Honeydukes themed pinkish stuff. I loved it! My outfit looked perfect with the decor! But the star of the show was the cake Abbie had made for me! Check out a close up picture ... and be prepared to let your jaw hang open all the way down to the floor!

It is so so so so so beautiful! Abbie even printed out my picture on a Wizard's Card which I get to keep forever. The cake had a Bertie Botts studded border, the Honeydukes logo, and even a chocolate frog! LOVED IT!!!! I think this was the best cake I've ever had for my birthdays ... EVERRRRR!

When Gubby was back home we cut the cake together! I love singing Happy Birthday, blowing the candle, and cutting birthday cakes. You know, I think birthdays are my most favorite celebration through the entire year. There's something just so happy and special about birthdays! I felt so happy cutting that beautiful cake! Then finally it was time to LOVE the insides and eat that delicious cake!

Honeydukes stripes inside the cake! Told you this was the coolest cake ever!

Finally I stuffed this absolutely out-of-the-world delicious chocolate cake inside my face and OH MY GOD was I in heaven! So delicious, so full of love, and so so so so delightful! With Nihari, Naan, and lots of chocolate cake my birthday came to an end. It had been such a pleasant day. I'd gotten everything I had hoped for; I'd relaxed after such a long time, spent some quality me time, ate lots of chocolate cake and noodles and what not, and taken so many beautiful pictures too! My TWENTY SIXTH BIRTHDAY was as sweet as the Honeydukes shop itself!

Here's to another year of awesomeness! Here's to another year of my fabulosity!
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